I-CARE Automotive


Scrap metal stockpiles include all types of unprocessed metal materials (excluding unprocessed and processed car bodies).

Potential hazards

Leaching of fuel, oil and other contaminants into groundwater and soil from vehicle parts that have not been thoroughly drained.

Release of particulate matter to air from cutting and shredding activities.

Release of ozone-depleting substances into air.

Potential fire hazard due to the presence of combustible contaminants.

Unprocessed materials containing hazards such as exposed rust can increase the risk of combustion as oxidisation of metals create heat.


Metal with combustible contaminants is considered a combustible waste, therefore chapter 5 – Effective storage management – in Management and storage of combustible recyclable and waste material – guideline (EPA publication 1667) is applicable.

Transport and disposal

Contact a company that handles scrap metal to pick up and dispose of/recycle the materials appropriately.