I-CARE Automotive


Tyres unfit to be used on a vehicle are classified as ‘waste tyres’ and such tyres should be recycled.

Potential hazards

Tyres can cause significant fire hazards, breeding sites for vermin and assist in the spread of diseases. Leachate from tyres that have broken down can contaminate soil and groundwater.


If you store over 40 tonnes/5000 equivalent passenger units (EPU) on your site, you need to obtain an approval from EPA.

Please note that different tyre sizes equate to different EPU and therefore, this needs to be taken into consideration.

When storing tyres onsite, ensure that they are stacked in a manner to prevent vermin from breeding in them and reduce the risk of fire.


Tyres should never be burnt to dispose of them.

If tyres at your site are not suitable for reuse or recycling, you can hire a specialist contractor (accredited through Tyre Stewardship Australia) to remove them from your site.

If tyres are shredded into pieces less than 250 mm, they may be accepted by a landfill licenced to receive them